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PT. Pola Pulpindo Mantap
PT. Pola Pulpindo Mantap
Pola Pulpindo Mantap was established in Indonesia domiciled in North Lampung, with legality obtained on July 16, 1988 Notary Deed No. 24, Letter of Director General of Law and Dept. Justice of the Republic of Indonesia No. C2-HT 01.01-A9003 August 24, 1988. The company deed has been amended several times. Changes in the last company management in accordance with notarial deed No. 40 May 12, 2011.
Pola Pulpindo Mantap engaged in the recycled paper industry with used raw materials which are then processed to become: B-Kraft, Corrugating Medium Paper, Medium Liner, Yellow Board and Chip Board. The resulting paper products are in the form of Rolls and Sheets, production produces 36,000 tons of products per year.


“To be the largest paper industry company in Indonesia, dedicated and providing the best values for customers, shareholders, employees and the public and environmentally friendly.”


“Maintaining its position as a recycled paper producer and taking part in becoming an Indonesian-Asian market player.”


“Producing products that can compete in the market without ignoring quality.”

Market share covers the islands of Sumatra, Java and Bali, here are some customers from our products:

  1. Sumatera Kemasindo ( Riau – Pekanbaru )
  2. Sumatera Hakarindo ( South Sumatera )
  3. Karindo ( Lampung )
  4. Mega Multi Kemasindo ( West Java )
  5. Ultra Prima Corrugated ( West Java )
  6. Kimu Enam Kemasindo ( West Java )
  7. Kekal Jaya ( Tangerang )
  8. Alkindo Naratama.

Not all customers can be mentioned here.

In order to protect the environment, PT. Pola Pulpindo Mantap builds waste treatment facilities with advanced technology integrated with Physics, Chemistry and Biology processes.